Saliva Drug Test Machine - Alere DDS2

The DDS®2 Mobile Test System is a portable testing system designed for the rapid screening of drugs in oral fluid.

Developed to meet the high performance demands of law enforcement agencies, drug treatment centres and workplace environments.

The DDS®2 is an ultraportable (0.7kg) drug testing solution. It combines speed (results in 5 minutes), ease of use and reliability. Results are automated and the print out provided removes subjectivity from the testing environment. The DDS2 has been independently verified by an AS4760:2006 accredited laboratory, verifying the manufacturer's target concentrations.

Ease of use – Intuitive testing

  • 3 step test process, as easy as A, B, C
  • Minimal training requirements
  • No manual mixing step or application of sample to the test cartridge
  • Intuitive user interface – just 3 buttons and on-screen feedback
  • Barcode recognition for identification of test panel, lot number and expiry date of the test cartridge

Fast results – Simplified testing procedure reduces the time from sample collection to result

  • Streamlined test process, minimal handling steps
  • Sample collection is less than 60 seconds on average
  • 6 minute overall testing time for the 5 and 6 panel (approximately 1 minute collection & 5 minutes analysis)

Accurate and Reliable

  • Independently verified by AS4760:2006 accredited laboratory
  • Portable, compact and lightweight (0.7 kg)
  • CE marked
  • Demonstrated performance detecting THC at 25ng/mL

Flexible data management – Ability to add donor information, manage and store test data

  • Printer allows user to print results following a test or from memory
  • Analyser memory stores 10,000 results with date, time and unique identifier
  • Optional questionnaire at the end of testing for capturing additional Donor information if required such as age, gender and reason for test
  • Test data can be downloaded to the DDS®2 Data Manager Software to allow generation of reports, trending of data and storage of up to 100,000 results

Wide range of testing environments

  • Colour screen is backlit for visibility in daylight and at night
  • An integrated heater ensures test runs at optimal temperature
  • Operating temperature range of 5-35°C allows for use in a number of different settings
  • Robust, fully portable and battery or mains operated, DDS®2 fits comfortably in the hand  or can be used from within its carry case

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