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Laboratory confirmation testing is important to verify the results of drug screening tests that we supply.

To find a confirmation testing laboratory in Australia, NATA has provided a search tool at their website;

Oral Fluid - A list of all Accredited Laboratories for Oral Fluid confirmation testing can be found here

Urine - A list of all Accredited Laboratories for Urine sample confirmation testing can be found here

Why is it important to use an accredited laboratory?

An accredited laboratory for confirmation any screening testing of samples is extremely important to verify a test result. Australian organisations that have achieved accreditation have been independently assessed for their technical competence in performing testing, calibration and inspection services.

Why would you need confirmation testing?

The results obtained from a screening test alone provide a reasonable indication of negative results; they can not definitively determine "positive" drug test results. They also cannot differentiate between what might be legitimate use of a medication for drug classes like Opiates that contain both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs.

This is where a confirmation test performed by a properly accredited laboratory can assist you with the most complete and accurate picture of the sample you are dealing with.

We also supply urine and oral fluid/ saliva laboratory confirmation packs for use in sending samples to the laboratory (you can find these under the drug test kits menu in urine drug test kits or oral fluid drug test kits).