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Proudly supporting Drug Arm Australasia

Our group financially supports the wonderful drug and alcohol support services that Drug Arm Australia has been providing to the community for more than 150 years.

Drug Arm provides vital care and compassion needed to support people, families and communities across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia through education, awareness, prevention, rehabilitation and support programs.

Understanding Drug Test Kit Pricing

There is a vast array of drug test kits and breath alcohol testing equipment on the market, virtually all claiming to be accredited and accurate, but often with wildly different pricing. The simple fact is that drug test kits usually use similar technology. This technology is called "lateral flow immunoassay".

However much like any product in the world - you usually get what you pay for. Some manufacturers cut corners by using less test reagent or allowing quality systems to slack during manufacture or simply aren't properly validated to work with the Australian Standard cut-off levels (yes! these are different to the rest of the world).

Technology and higher manufacture standards does however come at a cost. You tend to find that the best drug test kits tend to also have the best research and quality control. Not surprisingly, this is usually reflected in the price for the kit.

The leading drug test kit manufacturer's have outstanding research and development and quality control. This means that they keep at the forefront of accuracy and reliability.

So a good question to ask yourself might be: "is saving a few dollars worth the risk of an incorrect or meaningless result"? Drug test results are usually incredibly important - so the answer is fairly simple!

Price Guarantee

We're a pretty good gauge for value for money for any drug testing kit or alcohol testing equipment. We supply the correct products for Australia, store the products properly and use the best logistics to ensure that you get your delivery promptly.

In the unlikely event that you find exactly the same product that we stock advertised at a better price we'll beat it (*conditions apply).

 *Conditions: doesn't include products with short shelf life or that have not been stored properly. If we can't at least beat the advertised price we will send you a free gift or discount voucher

Not all Drug Test Kit Suppliers are the Same

We don't supply cheap copies or cut corners by not storing drug testing kits under the correct conditions.

We operate from a warehouse with ISO 9001 Quality Assured accreditation and cold chain refrigerated storage. We also provide extensive product support.

If a drug test kit or breath alcohol testing equipment doesn't meet our quality standards - we don't stock it - it's that simple. We then store the equipment properly and handle your order professionally.

We deal with the worlds largest drug test kit and alcohol test equipment manufacturers and best logistics companies. We also have professional full time staff to support order fulfilment and drug test kit enquiries. We're comprehensively insured and we've been doing this for a very, very long time.

In fact we've got 20 years of experience specialising in drug test kit & breath alcohol equipment sales and support. If you'd like to deal with people who will still be around tomorrow, next year or in 10 years - give us a call!