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Sydney Pubs drug tested Posted on 16 Aug 13:58

Our surface drug test kits were used by the Daily Telegraph to analyse drug presence around Sydney Pubs and found indications of narcotic use in 80% of them.

The full story published on July 21 can be found here

Some interesting comments contained in the link above including one that suggested the remaining 20% of pubs (where drugs weren't found) must have just been cleaned.

We've added BitCoin Posted on 07 Aug 08:15

We've joined the growing on-line businesses offering Bitcoin payment processing.

This form of payment processing is ideal for low cost purchases with zero or low processing fees and free use (unlike most credit card processing).

You can learn more about bitcoin here, chose a wallet here and learn more about securing your wallet here

It takes some time getting your head around how this works - but this form of payment processing online is becoming more popular (of course which is the reason why we added it as an option).

New Site Posted on 13 May 20:31

Welcome to our new site - please contact us and let us know what you think.

We've received a number of requests already (with thanks) - all requests have now been addressed.