3 Ply Surgical Masks (Pk 10)

Triple layer Surgical Masks with layers comprising;
  • Non-woven fabric outer
  • Melt-blown cloth
  • Non-woven fabric inner

This product is a comfortable and close fitting surgical mask with a wired band built into the top section to shape the mask to fit the countour of your nose and face.

The three folded shape provides a comfortable fit and can be worn for a considerable period comfortably.

How to Use:

  1. Hang the face mask with its soft elasticised ear bands over the ears. Make sure your nose and chin are covered as well as the face.
  2. Press the top section of the face mask surrounding the nose to fit the countour of your nose and face.
  3. Press the face mask onto your face tightly

Each individual order for this product includes 10 masks!

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