AlcoFind AF-33C - Personal Use

Personal Breathalyser - Complies with Australian Standard AS3547 accuracy

  • Suitable for personal use only, not recommended for industrial/workplace use
  • Electrochemical fuel cell sensor
  • Accuracy better than +or- 10% 
  • Accurate 4 digit decimal display
  • Range: 0.000 - 0.500% BAC
  • Power save: auto shut off
  • Included: 2 x AAA batteries, 6 mouthpieces, protective pouch, user manual
  • Calibration recommended every 12 months (no shut out)
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Size approx. 11cm x 5cm x 1.5cm

PLEASE NOTE: In order to provide you with the longest calibration period available for your breathalyser all units are freshly calibrated prior to dispatch. This can delay dispatch of the breathalyser for 24-48 hours.


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